The Ideological Condition: On History, Race and Gender (with Himani Bannerji)

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This panel will discuss and celebrate the publication of Himani Bannerji’s «The Ideological Condition: Selected Essays on History, Race and Gender» (Historical Materialism Book Series, 2020). Himani Bannerji will discuss the book’s novel approach to thinking about race and gender in the historical constitution of capitalist societies. Tithi Bhattacharya and David McNally will also offer reflections on the book, its main themes, and its significance for the left today. The panel is sponsored by Specter: A Journal of Emancipatory Politics.

Ideology, History, Race and Gender: In Conversation with Himani Bannerji

Himani Bannerji

Himani Bannerji will set out key arguments of her new book, «The Ideological Condition: Selected Essays on History, Race and Gender.» Themes related to race, gender and ideology in India and North America will be highlighted.

Reflections on Gender, Race, and «The Ideological Condition»

Tithi Bhattacharya

This paper will discuss the critical contributions of Himani Bannerji’s work from the perspective of the social reproduction current of Marxist-feminism.

Himani Bannerji’s Anti-Racist Marxist-Feminism

David McNally

This paper will explore key theoretical coordinates of Himani Bannerji’s anti-racist Marxist-feminism. The paper will situate Bannerji’s work in relation to Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony, Dorothy Smith’s concept of experience, and Angela Davis’s seminal text, «Women, Race and Class.»

mai 21 @ 16:00

Salle B