The Great Transition 2021

Online, May 20 to 23 2021

One of the deepest political lessons of our times is that the radical left is undergoing a crisis. We are currently unable to articulate a clear vision for the future. “Anti-capitalism”, “anti-racism”, “Change the system, not the climate”, “Another world is possible”: our vocabulary expresses a negative and defensive political impulse, underlining our incapacity to put forward a positive, inspiring project.

Now is the time to act. The multi-faceted crisis we are going through requires the creation of new utopias. This is why The Great Transition invites you to reflect on alternative models and new political strategies in tune with our current situation. Click here for further details about our conference themes.

This year, we will be presenting over twenty panels covering various themes such as radical internationalism, alternatives to platform capitalism, the political economy of disability and the democratization of unions. Our keynote speakers include Holly Lewis, Asad Haider, Robert Brenner and Arlene Inouye. The theme – Building Utopias – is all the more important today as we seek to imagine and build the world to come.

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This year’s conference will be accessible free of charge!
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Contribution to the Léa-L.-Fontaine Fund

In 2020, activist and professor of law Léa Fontaine tragically left us. Known for her tireless involvement and great generosity, we wish to honor her memory by inviting you to contribute to the Léa-L.-Fontaine Perseverance Scholarship offered by the Fondation de l’UQAM. This scholarship is meant to provide financial assistance to students studying social and labor law who are in situations of precarity. In the following form, you will have the option of adding an amount which will be transferred in full to the fund.

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